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New Media and the Presidential Race:



A Classroom Tool


LPS Johanna Roering, WS 2007/2008 University of Tuebingen  

Tutorin: Kim Unger



Our Wiki-Entries on New Media and the Presidential Race
Name (of group) Title of your paper
 Anina, Anni, Conny, Kristin The Future of The New York Times
Christian, Steffen Independent Media vs.conventional news sites

political news blogs

1) Manuel


2) Alex


It is not David vs Goliath


2)From a diary to a news portal

 Simone, Ahmed, Benjamin, Marcel  Barack Obama`s My Space
 Marion Speech Situation on the official Ron Paul Homepage
 Marc Grassroots on the official Ron Paul wesite. Bottom-up or top-down?
 Julia Fr. &  Amanda Are Blogs the New Newspapers?
DerArmin The Ron Paul Galaxy







  Part I: Theoretical Texts  
8.11. Introduction to Media Studies McLuhan: The Medium is the Message
22.11. New Media Studies Martin Lister: New Media and New Technologies
29.11. Social Software danah boyd: The Significance of Social Software/ None of this is Real
6.12. Identity Jenny Sundén: Material Virtualities
13.12. Politics and the Web Mark Poster: Cyberdemocracy and the Public Sphere
20.12. Politics and the Web Richard Davis: The Web of Politics


  Part II: Analyzing New Media  
10.1.2008 Major Candidates Websites www.ronpaul.com
17.1.2008 Candidates' Social Software http://www.myspace.com/barackobama
24.1.2008 Major News Blogs http://tpmelectioncentral.com
31.1.2008 Online Newspapers www.nytimes.com
07.02.2008 Independent Media www.alternet.org
  test page  

The rest of the calendar including all the discussion of our theoretical readings

can be seen here






Information for Students:


The Presidential Race. Links and More:

  •  Links  to new media concerned with the presidential race.



Be Creative:







What this Wiki is for:

This Wiki is a tool to support the media studies class: New Media and the Presidential Race, held at the University of Tuebingen WS 2007/08. 

The main goal of the class is media literacy. We will approach this through reading and understanding theoretical texts, analysing different sources and producing text.



How we are Using the Wiki:We are not using the Wiki like a Wiki!

We are using it as a tool to publish texts produced for and after the class and to communicate about these texts.

That means we are not using the Wiki to collaborate in the production of texts but to exchange material and knowledge and to publish what we produce in class. After we have finished the class, the Wiki will function as a collection of our theory discussions and of the texts we produced in class.



How you can make this Wiki work:

This is a public place, play fair! Stick to the rules and requirements.

If you have suggestions how to improve this Wiki let the group know in class.








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